Archive 8. The windows of the soul.


Enchantment under the sea.

If she is the light and the way, and the guide to all good things in this world today, If she is the star that falls from the sky, or another little universe that rotates in the mind. So we set a course and sailed for freedom across the great waters that divide the mind.


The trial of mother fungus.


It was morning seven thirty–ish and the fish had taken to the sky For another day of swimming in the sea of lasting bliss. I still couldn’t understand why the banshees’ howl was still ringing in my left sphere. It slowly faded to the outer depths of my reality as the sounds of your confusion began to fade in, for fear of committing the original sin.


The great expectation.


Winter grew close, as I walked freely into the valley that time had forgot, the gates lay open and the keepers had long since left their watchtowers. Life stood still for its inhabitants for many decades since their mines had collapsed, from endless greed, and so to had their hope of escape. The children ran wild through the streets like the fox running in the wild wood, and at night they preyed on the old to find an escape from their torment.


Sonic evolution


At last the sound was loud and vibrating, my mind began to spin, like the world on its axis. I lost control, and with a sudden jolt I felt myself leave my earthly body, and embark upon a journey to distant shores.


The nectar of devotion.


My mind was empty but there was the sweet smell of cucumber radiating from the body that lay beside me. I paused, watching this tropical butterfly as she lay completely still, it was as if the world was empty of sound; of such beauty. Her wings fluttered in rhythm with the taking of breath, my mind walked endless corridors in search of where this vision had evolved, but my search was in vain.


Totem’s taboos, but we come in peace.


Don’t ask me who I am, just because you can’t remember, or even give a damn. It is said, we came to this land from the bottom of the sea, fish to amphibian, ape to man, They say this is evolution, but you couldn’t give a damn.


The magi, at the mercy of the wind.


When I danced on the water and I dreamed about being free, I saw the three ghost riders, travelling the world for all to see. They followed the moon and the setting sun, from one life to the next until their quest was done.


When two fish kiss.


Darkness had fallen across the earth and the volcanoes had been replaced with giant smoke-blowing chimneys, and radiation was being spread to the four corners of the earth. For some time I feared my spirit had been broken, but it slowly began to regain its strength, despite strong opposition from the forces of evil. They tried for some time to steal my soul. I could never give in. There was no way I was going to become a machine to help in the destruction of our Great Mother Earth. Many months have past, and I am still waiting for the rising serpent to climb the last few steps to the kingdom of heaven. For further news of my battle against the forces of evil.


The hand that holds the looking glass.


At last, the promised land. Created for all by God’s own hand.


Old Joe.


At last, the promised land. Created for all by God’s own hand.