Archive 12. Biography, CV & Qualifications.



Ben Reche was born in South Bank Middlesbrough in 1966.

A time when Middlesbrough was still stamping its name on a multitude of cultural landmarks throughout the world, and an area that was immersed in the soundscape created by industrial machinery and work sites that mirrored those conceived at her feet.

It didn’t take long for that North East town to have its identity rebranded or stolen, and for teenage boys to start exploring other avenues that may hold the possibility of becoming someone, never mind something.

Ben took art at school as an option to escape from the usual day to day school yard mediocrity, and this in his words  ‘’was the beginning of the journey’’, and that journey recently culminated in the completion of his Master’s Degree in Future Design for which he gained a distinction.

The fact that Ben is diagnosed as suffering from APD ‘Auditory Processing Disorder’ and has had a duel battle with dyslexia and diplopia has only enhanced his outlook in regards his art, and his new journey towards new works.

Ben Reche has amalgamated his industrial iron fed early years with a geometric landscape of geological marking points, (or to put it another way ‘’ the past may have shaped the path, but the past is only a point of selective origins, and it is within the liminal moment where we make our own choices’’).

His archaeological approach to esoteric understanding has culminated in years of blending the mathematical with a pastoral palate; creating works that push against the fluid boundaries, forced upon us as a form of rigid continuity.

He takes inspiration from ancient Neolithic sites and pre Christian energy sources to produce his own reflections on the true power found in stone, light, and the acoustic space that their vibrations invade.

Ben works within a myriad of disciplines, his work rate and productivity over 30 years as an artist has produced an avalanche of outcomes including prints, paintings, digital designs, documentary films, and sculptures.